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Contents [hide] 1 Stubs 2 Rarity 3 Moon 4 In the middle of the cage 5 Stats checker made by me. 6 Coin to discobux to space coins 7 Costumes 8 New mini game mode 9 New aircrafts place holder Stubs[edit] Hey there. I created a category and a template for stubs and I suspect that Incomplete Pages can be redirected to Category:Stubs. Twicedouble (talk) Rarity[edit]

this page needs work ---> Done Moon[edit]

Is there a max cost in space coins for the moon, or does the cost go up by one indefinitely? ---> The maximum cost is 200 coins for the moon. In the middle of the cage[edit]

File:C:\Users\행복한우리집\Desktop\dd.jpg What is that in the middle of the rabbit cage?? Is there anybody who can tell me this? Stats checker made by me.[edit]

I made stats checker for discozoo. Example (my stats) Coin to discobux to space coins[edit]

I suspect that we can add a money exchange booth,so that if we don't have many regular coins,but you have lots of discobux,you can exchange them so that you can go on rescues. You also need to have about 50 animals to unlock it. This is what I think the rate should be: Coin to discobux; 100000 coins =1 discobux Discobux to space coins; 10 space coins =1 discobux Coins to space coins;10000 coins =1 space coin Costumes[edit]

I think that you should add some costumes for the animals because they could look better in a superman costume or a dress. Here is what I think the costumes and costs will be:

   Costume name      Costume cost
   Shirt and tie           10000 coins                                                                       
   Dress                      10000 coins
   Necktie                  20000 coins
  Superman               30000 coins
  Diver                      30000 coins
   Necklace               30000 coins
  Astronaut                40000 coins
  Vampire                 40000 coins
    T-shirt with jeans 60000 coins
    Jeans                    70000 coins
   Bronze shirt             2 discobux 
  Disco shirt               2 discobux 
   Silver shirt              3 discobux 
    Golden shirt           3 discobux                                                                          
   Emerald shirt          4 discobux
   Ruby shirt               4 discobux 
   Sapphire shirt         4 discobux 
   Crystal shirt            4 discobux 
   Amber shirt             5 discobux 
  Ivory shirt                5 discobux
    Pearl shirt              5 discobux 
    Sunstone shirt       5 discobux 
   Quartz shirt            5 discobux 
   Diamond shirt        6 discobux 
   Jade shirt               6 discobux

New mini game mode[edit]

I think that you could add a mode in funky bus called spacebus. The spacebus mode will let you go two steps instead of one. New aircrafts place holder[edit]

I think that the ones that are about places can have a new page called the WHICH PLACE. The WHICH PLACE includes all the ones that are a special country like Iceland. Category: Pages with broken file links