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The Map allows players to navigate their zoo more quickly. As more enclosures are built, swiping to return to the Office, Spacepen, Launch Pad, Helipad, Entrance or End can become tiresome, and so use of the map can improve a player's experience of the game.

The map is accessed via a button found at the bottom right corner of the screen. There are two sections to the map: the quick navigations (to the Office, Spacepen, Launch Pad, Helipad, Entrance and End), and the enclosure icons. Because of the horizontal nature of the zoo, swiping will eventually be required to navigate the icons. However, this is much quicker than swiping through the entire zoo. Icons representing enclosures have colors associated with the habitats they are connected to, and representative bit-pictures of the animals in each enclosure. However, the map represents every screen of the zoo, not only the enclosures. The office icon is orange; the Spacepen icon is purple; the Launchpad is grey; the helipad icon is blue; the entrance icon is pink; the End icon is yellow; and the statue garden icons are identified by a trophy and are colored according the the various habitats they represent.

Map opened