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Yo yo yo, Is that as far as you go? Please help us, Or let's add animals cuz, This zoo needs help, And I'm going to help. Please help! I don't have any more animals to rescue so now I can't play disco zoo. So I'm going to help,but more people means more people editing and then we can have more animals.So everyone please let out a helping hand and help.I have tried a lot now because I edit,see some errors and correct them. And I finished with the Mercury,Venus,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune. I have also created eighteen new habitats so that I can rescue about 320 more animals.But we always have to wake up our animals and that is driving me crazy. So I am also thinking to decrease the price of disco parties to about 10000 coins so that we don't have to swipe about 500 or 600 times, or we don't have to wake up our animals.