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The Helipad is where you can go on rescues to collect new animals to add to your zoo or release to gain trophies. You can change the area you want to rescue the animals in by tapping on the aircraft hanger button, and the aircraft which will take you there will appear. There are 9 different areas you can go to. Your Helipad is located between your Launch Pad and the Entrance.

Helipad, here you can change where to rescue animals

See Aircraft for more info.


The Helipad is a grassy area. There is a blue aircraft hanger opening onto a a path which leads to a circle with the letter 'H' in it, surrounded by red landing lights. This is where the selected aircraft will be. 3 trees are lined up against the path. At the bottom right hand corner of the grassy area, there is a big white building with a rainbow arching over the double doors. This is supposedly the entrance to the grassy area. It is surrounded by iron railings.

At the bottom of the screen there is a brown panel with 2 buttons on it. One of them, saying 'AIRCRAFT HANGER' is where you choose the place you want to go. The other one, saying 'START RESCUE!' and an amount of coins, is the button you press start a rescue. This button also tells you how much a rescue will cost.

Rescue areas[edit]

What do workers say?[edit]

  • Be careful!
  • Check the ignition
  • Check the fuel
  • Check the oil
  • Dangerous cargo!
  • Easy does it
  • Get to the choppa! (Reference to Predator)
  • It's hot out here!
  • I'm an eggplant
  • Keep loading!
  • Load it up
  • My spoon is too big (Reference to Don Hertzfeld's Rejected)
  • Ready the helipad!
  • Refuel it!
  • Take your time
  • Watch out!
  • Where to?
  • I'm a banana (Reference to Don Hertzfeld's Rejected)
  • Silly hats only (Reference to Don Hertzfeld's Rejected)

Visitor Comments[edit]

  • Any animals here?
  • Behind the scenes!
  • Oh cool!
  • Where are they going?
  • What will it be?
  • Cones!
  • Ooh!
  • What is that?