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A habitat is an ecological or environmental area that is inhabited by a particular species of animal, plant, or other type of organism. There are currently 12 habitats in Disco Zoo: Farm, Outback, Savanna, Northern, Polar, Jungle, Jurassic, Ice Age, City, Mountain, Moon and Mars.

Each habitat is characterized by the animals that can be rescued there and added to the player's zoo. Habitats are associated with different colors, as well as a specific mini-game appearance. Habitats also determine the appearance of each animal's enclosure in the zoo, and the color of their locations on the in-game map.

All habitats contain 3 common animals, 2 rare animals, and one mythical animal.

Habitats are "reached" via various aircraft associated with each area. The cost to travel to each habitat gradually increases until it hits a cap.

  • Farm (max cost: 2,000 coins, increases by 10 coins, starts at 500)

The Farm habitat is the first habitat accessible by the player upon beginning their zoo. The animals found in the Farm are those typically associated with animal farming, even if they are not really "zoo" material. The mini-game as well as farm animal enclosures are lime green in color.

  • Outback (max cost: 4,000 coins, increases by 20 coins, starts at 250)

The Outback habitat includes animals typically found in Australia. The mini-game as well as outback animal enclosures are tan in color.

  • Savanna (max cost: 7,000 coins, increases by 35 coins)

The Savanna habitat can be associated with African animals, ones you would normally find in a zoo. The mini-game as well as savanna animal enclosures are ochre in color.

The Northern habitat includes animals typically found in the Northern hemisphere, in forested areas. The mini-game as well as northern animal enclosures are olive green in color.

  • Polar (max cost: 15,000 coins)

The Polar habitat includes animals from both the North and the South Pole (for example, penguins are found in the Southern hemisphere, while polar bears are found in the Northern hemisphere). The mini-game as well as polar animal enclosures are steel blue in color.

  • Jungle (max cost: 20,000 coins)

The Jungle habitat has animals from both South America and Asia. The mini-game as well as jungle animal enclosures are sea green in color.

The Jurassic habitat includes various dinosaurs. The mini-game as well as Jurassic animal enclosures are chocolate brown in color.

The Ice Age habitat includes various prehistoric animals. The mini-game as well as Ice Age animal enclosures are silvery-green in color.

  • City (max cost: 50,000 coins)

The City habitat includes various urban animals. The mini-game as well as City enclosures are grey in color

The Mountain habitat includes various animals normally found in mountainous terrain. The mini-game as well as Mountain enclosures are blue-green in color.

  • Moon (max cost: 200 space coins)

The Moon habitat includes various alien animals. The mini-game as well as Moon animal enclosures are grey with a slightly brown tinge in color.

  • Mars (max cost: 400 space coins)

See above section. The mini-game and Mars enclosures are light maroon in color.