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A disco party keeps animals awake and doubles their earnings per minute. Disco Parties can be started in one of two ways: by beginning one manually using Disco Bux, or as an automatic reward for upgrading a statue in the Statue Garden. Features of disco parties include exciting lighting (which you can customize at the Zoo Entrance), a disco ball hanging from the top of the screen that reacts to screen swipes, disco music, and dancing animals and park visitors (visitors have even been spotted inside animal enclosures during disco parties).

The cost of Disco Parties, when started manually at the Park Entrance, are as follows:

Purchasable Disco Parties
Length of Party Cost
1 minute 1 Disco Bux
1 hour 10 Disco Bux
8 hours 50 Disco Bux

The length of disco parties, when rewarded to players for upgrading trophies in the Statue Garden are as follows:

Reward Disco Parties
Statue Reward
Pedestal none
Bronze 1 minute
Silver 5 minutes
Gold 10 minutes
Diamond 15 minutes

While a disco party is active, players are given the option to "rush the party" at the park entrance. This will stop all the music and lights, but all the money that would have been earned during the party is deposited straight into the player's coffers. The point of "rushing the party" is unknown at present time, although it may probably be needed when you need the amount of money right now and can't wait, but rushing the party costs you Discobux. The longer the time for the party to end, the more expensive it will be to end it.

  • Also note that during a party everyone (including the animals) yells adding a (!!) to everything they say.