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Statue garden with empty pedestals, and bronze, silver, gold, & diamond trophies

Once you have maxed out the number of animals in any of the twelve habitats, any new animals rescued will be released for a small profit.

As a reward for this achievement, you are given a Statue Garden to store your trophies.

After rescuing the max number of a certain animal (25), a pedestal will be built for that animal, and after 10 more, a trophy of that animal will be placed in the garden. For every additional 10 animals released, the trophy will be upgraded, and the animals will throw a Disco Party in your honor.

  • Bronze Trophy - 1 minute disco party
  • Silver Trophy - 5 minute disco party
  • Gold Trophy - 10 minute disco party
  • Diamond Trophy - 15 minute disco party

After Diamond trophy is rewarded, that type of animal is "maxed out". A diamond trophy of that animal will also appear in its respective pen. However, your rescue count will still go up, and you will still earn coins for each release.

Since v. 1.2, you can prepare animals for space instead of freeing them. With prepared animals, you can fulfill the Space Requests to get Space Coins.

Once you get diamond trophies for all of your animals, Disco Sue will appear and say:

Wow! You got every single diamond trophy!
You are truly a great Disco Zookeeper!
Your animals would like to throw a 1 hour disco party to celebrate!
By the way, there are even more exciting things coming to Disco Zoo soon!
Statue gardens with all diamond trophies.

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