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Aircraft Hangar showing the maximum rescue costs for each habitat.
Aircraft Hangar from Disco Zoo Version 1.0 showing cheaper maximum rescue costs for each habitat.

Rescuing animals is an integral part of Disco Zoo, and is the way in which players are able to add animals to their zoo. Rescues can take place in a number of habitats, specified by the color of the "START RESCUE" button at the bottom of the Helipad screen (light green for Farm area; light brown for Outback area; yellow for Savannah area; dark green for Northern area; blue for Polar area; somewhere-between-light-and-dark green for Jungle area; and dark brown for Jurassic area). Habitats can be changed by clicking on the "Aircraft Hangar" button.

The way in which players rescue animals is by playing a tile-based mini-game, initiated by clicking the "START RESCUE" button on the Helipad screen, and provided the player has anough coins to perform the rescue. Rescuing animals takes a number of coins based on location. Each time you attempt a rescue, the price for each rescue will increase, until it reaches a maximum price in coins.

Rescue Mission Costs
Habitat First Rescue Increase per rescue Max cost
Farm 100 Coin.png 10 Coin.png 2000 Coin.png
Outback 110 Coin.png 20 Coin.png 4000 Coin.png
Savannah 250 Coin.png 35 Coin.png 7000 Coin.png
Northern 500 Coin.png 60 Coin.png 10,000 Coin.png
Polar 750 Coin.png 80 Coin.png 15,000 Coin.png
Jungle 1000 Coin.png 100 Coin.png 20,000 Coin.png
Jurassic 1250 Coin.png 125 Coin.png 25,000 Coin.png
Ice Age 1500 Coin.png 200 Coin.png 40,000 Coin.png
City 1750 Coin.png 250 Coin.png 50,000 Coin.png
Mountain 2000 Coin.png 300 Coin.png 60,000 Coin.png
Moon 10 Spaceoin.PNG 1 Spaceoin.PNG 200 Spaceoin.PNG
Mars 15 Spaceoin.PNG 2 Spaceoin.PNG 400 Spaceoin.PNG