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The Office

The Zoo Office is found in the leftmost section of your zoo. Zoo reviews and zoo stats can be viewed from the Zoo Office.

As your zoo grows to house more animals, your Zoo Office will upgrade as well.

The Zoo Office is also the location of the hidden Funky Bus mini-game.

Zoo Sizes[edit]

Office Zoo Size Population Unlocks
Tiny Zoo.png Tiny Zoo 0 Farm Region
Small Zoo.png Small Zoo 10 Outback Region
Medium Zoo.png Medium Zoo 75 Savanna Region
Big Zoo.png Big Zoo 225 Northern Region
Huge Zoo.png Huge Zoo 450 Polar Region
Mega Zoo.png Mega Zoo 650 Jungle Region
Ultra Zoo.png Ultra Zoo 850 Jurassic Region
Super Zoo.png Super Zoo 1000 Ice Age Region
Super Zoo.png Epic Zoo 1150 City Region
Uber Zoo 1300 Mountain Region
Supreme Zoo Nothing at the moment

Visitor Comments[edit]

  • Fancy building!
  • Nice office!
  • Where did I park?
  • Oh the office?
  • Josh Barnett is cool
  • The zoo office?
  • Hmm..