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NimbleBit is the game development company that has created several popular games for Apple iOS and Android devices, including Disco Zoo. It is an indie studio made up of Brian Cronin and twin brothers Ian Marsh and David Marsh.

Other Games by Nimblebit

  • Bluebird
  • Dizzypad — Frog Jump Fun
  • Dizzypad HD
  • Fishtropolis - Word Fun for Everyone
  • Hanoi
  • Hanoi Plus
  • Kyper
  • Mega Panda
  • Moon Drop
  • Nimble Quest
  • Omnium
  • Pocket Frogs
  • Pocket Planes
  • Pocket Trains
  • Scoops — Ice Cream Fun for Everyone
  • Sky Burger
  • Textropolis
  • Threads
  • Tiny Tower
  • Up With A Fish
  • Zero Gear
  • Capitals
  • Golfinity

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