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Hats are purchasable items that can be worn by your animals. Occasionally a visitor will lose a hat, prompting you to find it in a habitat. When the hat is found, it can be returned for a reward of coins, or bought for one Discobux (Discobux.png). It is possible to buy lost hats with discobux when toddler mode is enabled. Currently, hats are merely aesthetic and serve no in-game purpose.

Hat Cost
Baseball Cap 5,000 Coin.png
Tyrolean Hat 10,000 Coin.png
Winter Hat 15,000 Coin.png
Grad Cap 20,000 Coin.png
Bowler Hat 25,000 Coin.png
Santa Hat 2 Discobux.png
Hard Hat 2 Discobux.png
Visor 2 Discobux.png
Beret 3 Discobux.png
Sun Hat 3 Discobux.png
Fez 3 Discobux.png
Ten Gallon Hat 4 Discobux.png
Viking Helmet 4 Discobux.png
Derby Hat 5 Discobux.png
Striped Hat 5 Discobux.png
Top Hat 5 Discobux.png
VR Headset 6 Discobux.png
Chef Hat 6 Discobux.png
Football Helmet 7 Discobux.png
Pirate Hat 7 Discobux.png
Jester Hat 8 Discobux.png
Centurion Helmet 8 Discobux.png
Crown 10 Discobux.png