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Funky Bus is a hidden mini-game added in Version 1.1. It is accessed by clicking on the bus near the Zoo Office three or more times, the mini-game will load instantly even if you make more than three clicks.

On the first time accessing the game, Disco Sue appears and informs the user that the zoo animals have taken over a party bus and need help driving it by keeping the bus from crashing for as long as possible.

Game play[edit]

This mini-game pays homage to the popular Flappy Bird app, where the user taps to move upward and avoid cars. The score is determined by the number of cars passed and a star above a car indicates that the car was passed. If the user hits the median, the shoulder, or a car, the game ends. The score is included in the "Cars Passed" leaderboard on Game Center.

Play Funky[edit]

Additionally, after obtaining diamond statues for all animals, the bus changes to a rainbow color, and the user can "Play Funky". If the game is updated to add new areas and animals, the player must obtain the new statues before again being able to play Funky Bus.

In this game mode, the movement is reversed, and tapping moves the bus downward, instead of upward. If you are accustomed to playing the normal mode, it may be easier to this mode with your phone upside down.

The Play Funky score will be included in the "Funky Cars Passed" leaderboard on Game Center.