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There are Three types of in-game currency; Coins, Disco Bux and Space Coins Your current amount of each is shown at the bottom of the screen.
Currency Bar.png

People will randomly drop coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 100, or 1,000 and occasionally one Disco Bux.

Since each person has a separate chance of randomly dropping coins, exhibits with a large crowd of visitors will experience more frequent drops.

| Coin.png Coin | Discobux.png Disco bux |


Coins are the most important currency in Disco Zoo. Coins are spent to start animal rescues and to purchase new rescue aircraft. Coins are generated passively by animals in your habitats when they are awake. The number of coins generated is determined by the type of habitat, the level of the habitat, and the rarity of the animal in it. Coins can also be dropped by visitors, given by random events, found during rescues, and obtained through an in-app purchase at the Zoo Shop.

Disco Bux[edit]

Disco Bux are the premium currency in Disco Zoo. Disco Bux can be spent to immediately finish constructing habitats, to start a Disco Party, to get extra attempts during a rescue, and to obtain rescue aircraft without meeting the required amount of coins or Zoo Office levels. Disco Bux can be obtained occasionally from visitor drops, random events, and rescues. They also can be bought through an in-app purchase at the Zoo Shop.

Space Coins[edit]

Space coins are important in gaining access to the Moon and Mars Habitats. They are gained by using the Space Pen, to send animals to other planets in the Solar System. The reward for sending animals is loosely based on the animals you send and where they are sent. They are not dropped by visitors, but can be bought through an in-app purchase at the Zoo Shop.


When people drop coins or Disco Bux, they always say something. Below are some of the sayings:

  • Wonderful Zoo!
  • Incredible Zoo!
  • So Many Animals!
  • What a Zoo!
  • Mmmm!
  • Great Zoo!
  • Nice Zoo!
  • Amazing Zoo!
  • This Zoo Rocks!
  • Lovely Zoo!
  • Best Zoo Ever!
  • Awesome Zoo!
  • Here's a Tip!
  • Zootacular!
  • So Much Fun!
  • So Happy!
  • Gorgeous Zoo!
  • Cute!